Strawberry Cake

I recently found this recipe and immediately loved the way it looked. This cake is pink inside, tastes of strawberries, and is decorated with cream cheese frosting and  sweet strawberry pieces…what more could one ask for? While reading through the recipe I was a little perturbed by the fact that the main ingredient was a box cake mix. Now I have nothing against box cakes or biscuits and I realize it is convenient and easy for the average person who does not have time to bake. But for me, I find my joy in the baking process,  measuring the dry ingredients with my cute measuring cups, getting my hands covered in the raw mixture, buying the ingredients and knowing that i didn’t just add water and “tadaa”,  a cake appeared!
I tried it anyway, because along with the box cake mix there was pink jelly, chopped strawberries and a few other things. To tell the truth I was quite intrigued by the jelly in the cake.  This cake is really moist and tasty with its strawberry flavour and colour. It was easy to put together and the cream cheese frosting complimented the sweet strawberry taste.
This cake mixture will also make for great strawberry cupcakes and the fact that it is pink inside makes it perfect for any little girls tea party. I have two nieces and I would love to bake this for them on a summers day. We will enjoy it in the garden with some tea for all the stuffed toys and some strawberry cake for ourselves. I want to pick flowers for our table and tell them I think all cakes should be colourful, and maybe after our cake we can paint…with pink of course.

Cherry Cakes

When I was about 8 my mom had a friend who I loved to visit, just as much as my mother did. This friend loved bears, she took us on adventures and blew lots of bubbles. She told the best stories and had all these amazing little treasures in her house. I used to love looking at all her bears…wooden ones, fluffy ones, teeny tiny ones, massive ones, pictures of bears, books and lots of little things to keep any child’s imagination fed.
One thing I always looked forward to were sleepovers at Meg’s house. My brother, sister and I would  watch old or animated movies with Meg and explore her collection. I remember  Meg’s love for tea, her giant mugs and her ability to make yummy potato soup. But what I remember most and have taken with me into adulthood is Meg’s incredible Cherry Cakes.  Every cherry in these cakes is  a little surprise, a sweet treat in the vanilla cake. These Cakes have no need for frills such as icing sugar, but prove to be perfect accompanied with a giant mug of tea and great company.

photos by my talented husband Sean Kelland