Biscuits for a celebration.

I recently learnt how to ice biscuits beautifully by doing 
a class taught by the talented Roxanne Floquet. Her biscuits 
are beautiful to say the least, they are her art, delicate, 
intricate and exciting. I am nowhere near her level of skill, 
these biscuits take a lot of time and practice to get them 
to the level of perfection that she can achieve. 

Now that I know how to ice these biscuits, I take great joy 
in presenting them to friends as gifts in a classic Consol
jar, laced with ribbon and a label. They are loved and also
super tasty.

These biscuits in the photographs were made with lots of love
for my friend, Inez, who recently got married. 

If you are interested in ordering some fun cookies for your 
next event or even just for your home, dont hesitate to 
contact me, my husband will love to eat the leftovers ;) 
He has dubbed them "the best zoo biscuits ever". 

The pretty photo under the heading is from the wedding, 
taken by my talented husband, Sean Kelland.